Amber is a part-time wannabe drummer who discovered a love for music and movement at an early age through dance. She grew up performing and competing all over the country and by age 16 was already teaching and sharing her passion with others through choreography. Raised in the Midwest, she continued to study dance at The University of Oklahoma and worked as an instructor training local dance teams and individuals to compete on regional and national levels. In 2010 she moved to Los Angeles where shemet POUND creators Kirsten and Cristina when POUND was nothing more than a crazyi dea the two had. Not long after that she attended the very first official POUND class at as mall studio in Hollywood, and she was instantly hooked! She was amongst the first group of POUND Pros to be trained by the creators and since then has traveled across North America leading countless Master Classes at fitness events and training hundreds of individuals to teach this kickass rock-inducing format! Amber is featured in the Rockout Results DVD System and has appeared on numerous television programs such as Good Day LA and E! News repping POUND and jamming out! When she’s not traveling she can be found sweating with the best of them and teaching classes across Los Angeles. But no matter what city Amber is in, she’ll always be doing what she loves most: Giving people the permission to ROCK!

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