Rachael Gerstel is a nationally certified personal trainer, nutritional consultant and athlete with a decade of experience in the field of wellness. She is a coach at Orangetheory, and an instructor for Cardio Barre, and Pulse fitness. In January 2014 she created and Launched Vélos, and couldn’t be more excited to bring it to Booty Works. Rachael is currently an ambassador for lululemon Studio City, head trainer for the Debbie Reynolds dance scholarship program, and a contributing writer for “Living Fit Now.”

Rachael trains to gain mental toughness and clarity. Her strength is certainty; it must be earned through passion and commitment and cannot be taken away. Her philosophy is founded in the idea that we train and condition our bodies because we can…and we owe it to ourselves to be our strongest. The strength gained through our practice will prove the tools necessary to overcome any of life’s obstacles.

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