I have absolutely fallen in love with this studio! They have great cardio/strength building classes. Some of my favorite classes are Jake that Body with Jake Dupree, Groov3 with Heath, and Yoga Booty Ballet with Conisha! 

The community and teachers at this studio are super encouraging. Every class I have taken here I end up drenched in sweat and feeling alive and happy! 

The facility is also very nice! They offer towels, weights, mats, and anything else you may need for class. They also have showers and a dressing room!

I highly, highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking to get in shape and have an awesome time doing it! (: So much love to this studio!out in. You don't have to be a expert dancer at all- just come if you love music, dancing and an AWESOME  time. Thank you guys for this class!!! And I'll see you again with more of my friends!!!

Annalee R.

The fit hop class is one of my favorites taught by Chris and Faith!!! What a fun time and they are both awesome instructors and dancers. I look forward to this every week. It's a like party and your getting your work out in. You don't have to be a expert dancer at all- just come if you love music, dancing and an AWESOME  time. Thank you guys for this class!!! And I'll see you again with more of my friends!!!

Jennifer H

Rocky kicked my ass this morning and I loved every minute of it! Highly recommend!  I did the 30 minute burn workout and will be back again-- maybe tonight--to dance dance dance.  So happy to have found this place! Great vibe and booty kicking instructor.

Laurie S.

Attended my first class, the Body Shred class, this morning. Heart-pumping and efficient 30-minute workout, alternating between resistance (3 minutes), cardio (2 minutes) and active recovery (1 minute). Got my sweat on and heart rate up. Clear, concise and energetic instructions by Elie. Clean and well-maintained facility. Looking forward to trying other classes.

Premini S.

I haven't taken all of the classes yet, but I can surely say " Booty works" is the best dance/ workout studio in Los Angeles. Today I took "GROOV3", "POUND" and "BOOGIE BOUNCE". All of the classes were Amazing! The teachers did a great job to keep the students entertained but work hard and train at the same time. The energy in the building was outstanding, teachers and students were "on fire" and my calories were burning! I'm feeling great now. Everyone who is looking for a dance/ fitness studio should take classes at " Booty works". It is the only studio in L.A. that combines fitness and dance together and provides you with the hottest and trendiest dance/fitness workouts!

Nat Z.

I love this place! I've taken a few different classes here, and they're all great. But my favorite by far is GROOV3 with rockstar instructor Heath Butler! It's a super fun dance party twice a week. All levels are welcome and encouraged to rock out, no matter your previous dance experience. Added bonus: It's 55 minutes of cardio but you don't even feel like you're working out because it's so fun.

Britt K

I've done 2 workouts at Booty Works so far and both have been super fun and left me feeling great! Loved "rock your best" and "boogie bounce extreme"!! It was especially fun to use the trampolines. Keeps you excited and engaged the whole time while working out the whole body. Will definitely be back!

Vita K

I consider bootyworks my home away from home. I've tried a lot of studios in the past and I have to say this is the most welcoming, fun, friendly place I have ever been. I have been coming for almost a year now. I have developed friendships with the students, instructors and the staff. Everyone is so welcoming. 
Aside from that the classes are amazing. They are like nothing I have ever taken before. They really get you out of a boring routine of yoga, Pilates, spin etc and into fun, unique classes you won't find anywhere else. I would recommend pound, yoga booty ballet and flight. All the teachers are amazing and helpful. You never feel intimidated or judged. They all really stress the importance of having fun while getting a work out in. I truly can't say enough good things about this place!

Tina P

I love Booty Works. I tried them while using classpass and have since bought packages with them. No pretension - just great workouts with great people. Their instructors are all positive and full of energy whether it's a packed class or just a couple clients. Yoga Booty Ballet is one of the most fun classes I've taken anywhere - and all the classes are always more challenging than I expect them to be.

Jessica R.

I haven't worked out in a while and I hate working out but when i found booty works it made me motivated and I love the classes. I take the classes like 3-4 times a week and it makes me so happy! I love all of them! Everyone is so sweet Im so happy that i found booty works and it got my booty back in the gym!

Rebecca M.

I absolutely love the Buti Yoga Class! It's fun, high energy and challenging. The black light and music really add to the atmosphere. I highly recommend if you like yoga but are looking for something a little less zen and a little more fun. You're definitely sore the next day so you know you're getting a good workout.

Kerry M.

I've taken 2 classes from Booty Works now though ClassPass and couldn't have better things to say about the studio and instructors. This is for sure one of the most welcoming studios I have stepped foot in, which is always a HUGE bonus when you are new. If you love to dance, then this is a great place for you to get your workout in. The first class I took was Flight, which was more intense than I was expecting! Expect to feel the upper body burn while moving to a great selection of music. I also highly recommend Yoga Booty Ballet- great mixture of dancing, stretching, moving, and pushing out that negative energy. I can't wait to try more classes from Booty Works!

Olivia C.

Friendly studio, encouraging instructors, fun vibe. My favorite classes are POUND, FLIGHT & GROOV3! The classes always make me sweat!

Danielle I.

One of my absolutely workout studios! They have wide variety of workout classes which are super unique and fun ways to get a killer workout in (piloxing, barre classes, dance classes, HIIT, and everything else in between). All of the teachers are friendly, inspiring and attentive. Highly recommend coming here, you won't be disappointed!

Shannon B.

Such a fun studio with so many options. I’ve taken the Piloxing Barre, Pound and Rock Your Best. The teachers were all really nice and helpful. Also, it’s a small intimate space, so everyone can meet and create a community

Jax F.

AMAZING studio!!! Sydney is one of the best group class teachers around! She has soooo much energy and love for what she does.

Jennifer R.

This is a great idea for a studio! This is a collection of some of the best trainers in LA who have started their own individual work outs, and they are now gathered together in one space! There is a great variety of classes offered.

Miki W.

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The instructors are so friendly and happy and positive. It's definitely my kind of place. I leave having broken a huge sweat and feeling super empowered. I'm going to bring as many people as I can to experience this studio. It's just a fun and safe place to be.

Carolyn L.

I am so in love with Booty Works!!! I started going for Pound on Thursdays with Paydin, and now I'm hooked! Flight, Rock and Recover, and FitHop LA are just a few of the fun and unique classes I've taken here. It's small so the instructors get to know you and can really help your form. Each of them seems to really love what they do and want to make sure you're enjoying yourself, as well. Danielle is a really engaged owner and her staff is always happy and helpful. It's a weird thing to add, but the bathroom is super cute and clean!

Kimmi S.

One of my favorite studios! I've taken Carla's Piloxing and Amber's Pound classes through ClassPass, and had a BLAST every time!!

Emily S.

Really friendly instructor, clean studio, street parking. Will be back to try the other classes.

Mia R.

I've taken Pound at Booty Works twice now. Pound uses plastic drum sticks to encourage leg work by hitting them against the ground. The lower you squat/lunge, the easier it is to hit the ground, and the quicker you pound, the more cardio you get. I was a sweaty mess by the end of class. The one thing I have to work on is feeling the ab exercises in the correct place; I typically feel it in my hip flexers, which ends up hurting after a while. The staff members/teachers are really nice here and help modify for any injuries. I also really like the diversity of their classes. 

Lacey P.

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I adore Booty Works! The classes are always diverse, which keeps exercise fun and continuously challenging and stimulating without getting bored. Everyone is welcoming and kind, good vibes and dance moves for days!

Chelsea L.

Cool studio with  great amenities for guests: towels, showers, large changing area. 

My fave class is Boogie Bounce with Tamar. It's unbelievably fun to bounce on your own trampoline and get fit! 

I'm hoping they expand their schedule and I can continue to come and bounce (weekend class with Tamar please!)

Danielle G.

Fantastic studio! Every instructor is super cool and makes sure you work hard. I've taken most of the classes here, great hip hop classes and some fun classes that are a mixture of intervals/barre/boxing

Legit my favorite studio

Laura T

I've been on the hunt for a new "home studio" for a little while now and I think I've finally found it in Booty Works. Back in the day (before I had two kids in two years), I used to drive around the valley to take the best classes. I don't have that kind of time and money anymore, and some of those studios are closed now (RIP Bar Method Encino and Piloxing Burbank), but Booty Works is proving to be everything I've always wanted in a fitness studio. 

This studio is a one stop shop for fun and boutiquey group fitness classes (including Piloxing, yay!). So far I've taken Pound (cardio workout with drum sticks, recently featured on This Is Us), Piloxing (Pilates/boxing/dance workout, quite possibly my favorite all time super sweaty workout), and Piloxing Barre (like Piloxing, but a little more tame and incorporates barre work), and there are still  a bunch of other classes I want to try.

Class times are super convenient. They have daytime, evening, and weekend classes and the class schedule differs from day to day so you can check out different classes during the same window throughout the week.

The studio is very clean and cute, with cubbies for your belongings, a changing room, shower, water dispenser and little thoughtful amenities (i.e. tampons and body lotion). Everything you need for each class is provided, so you don't have to purchase gloves for Piloxing or rip sticks for Pound or worry about bringing a yoga mat. I also appreciate the fact that they have everything you need to sanitize said equipment because I'm a germaphobe.

My main goal right now is getting my strength back and tightening up that mom bod. That being said, it can be intimidating to work out in a new environment, but they're really encouraging an ego-free environment and that helps me focus on working out without feeling self-conscious.

I read in another review that there is limited parking behind the studio. I've never actually tried to park in the back because I've always had luck finding metered street parking on Ventura, even during pretty busy parts of the day.

I definitely recommend checking out this studio if you're looking to mix up or re-engage your fitness routine. I'm having a blast!

Kassandra S.

So glad I came across Booty Works more than a year a go, haven't stop going since! The variety of classes keeps you from getting bored,and has you trying new things. Highly recommend Velos and Barre Hop; you will really be challenged and see progression. Nothing uptight about this place, everyone who works here is easy going and helpful. A must workout spot in the Valley!

Janet G.

Loved the Rock Your Best class! The class is a mix of Afro Pop, Brazillian, Caribbean and contemporary dance. The instructor is really friendly and the movements are easy to follow for a beginer. This was a great cardio workout, and I was having so much fun, I didn't even notice the time going by! Thanks Raquel!

Ksenia D.

I have taken almost every class at Booty Works, and let me tell you, they are ALL amazing! I started going there because of class pass and I quit class pass because of Booty Works! They have enough different classes to keep me entertained all week and the studio is so big that even when it's PACKED the class is never closed. My faves are Flight, Jake that Body, Resist 360 (esp the one with the rowers), Body Shred, and Yoga Booty Ballet. But really they are all amazing and helped me get in the best shape of my life!
Ps. parking is metered so get there 10 min early. They have a great changing room.

Jess B.

I started going here a year or so ago and I have nothing but amazing things to say about it! The new studio is also INCREDIBLE and I'm slightly obsessed with the blacklight Buti Yoga! I also have taken/enjoyed Pound, Flight, Fit Hop LA, Velos, and more. There's so many different options of classes to take here - you're bound to find something you like and that's perfect for you. Definitely check out a class, you won't regret it!

Rebecca K.

I highly recommend Booty Works to anyway that is looking to get out of the normal gym routine. I cannot wait to go back. Thank you Booty Works for making this girl get out of her comfort zone and gain her confidence back in a positive yet fun way.

Danielle P.

Started a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it! The instructors are helpful and the classes are amazing!

Kristel G.

THIS PLACE ROCKS!!! Such a great range of classes - it is the only place you need to work out body and spirit. I never leave without a smile on my face-everyone at Booty Works is so supportive and friendly. TRY IT, you will be hooked like I am!

Erin M.

Do your self a favor and step into the POUND class, or any other for that matter. Amazing workouts, friendly staff, variety of classes to choose from so you'll never be bored. Love it and can't wait to take more.

Allison G.

Love it- Wonderful teachers and a fun environment.  The Jake That Body Class absolutely killed me in the best way

Summer B.

Booty Works is quickly becoming a favorite of mine! I've only taken 'Jake that Body' and it's a FABULOUS class!! Such a good workout, and Jake makes is so fun the entire class so the hour flies by!

Jill M.

I love the new space!!! They offer the best variety of classes and all of the instructors are stellar!! Easy parking and a great new studio!

Kathleen Y.

Absolutely love this studio! The classes and instructors are amazing and the staff is very friendly. It is a very warm & welcoming environment which is a nice change of pace from so many other studios and gyms.

Heather H.

LOVE Booty Works! First visited through ClassPass, but it wasn’t enough!! For the New Year I gave up ClassPass and am now totally devoted to BOOTYWORKS!! For those in the Valley, you can’t beat the high-octane fun in their mix of cardio workouts.

Abby B.

Booty Works is one of my favorite fitness studios around! They truly are a one-stop-shop of boutique style fitness classes. I can get all sorts of my favorite types of fun workouts all in one place. Anything from cardio hip hop, edm, and Afro dance, HIIT training, strength training, barre, and other fun funky ways to work out

Jamie L.

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Love this place! I live close enough to ride my bike which is a huge treat. Very clean and staff is very friendly! I have tried Flight with Sydney and absolutely loved it! Will definitely keep coming back! Some other classes I tried and loved are Piloxing Barre, Pound and BLACK LIGHT BUTI YOGA.

Yana S

I love this gym! I'm a teacher so I'm always checking my emails to see if they have any specials. The front desk staff is really friendly.

Autumn H.

The staff here are great and the studio is really fun with colorful lights that are especially fun in the night. This is a studio I'll be staying with for a long time! There's really good energy here radiating from the fitness instructors

Alexa S.

This place is really adorable. I'm easily intimidated by new fitness studios, much less new fitness systems -- but this place makes you feel right at home.

D. S.

The studio had a great vibe and so supportive and I hope to to take Rock Your Best on a regular basis, as I want to be as fit as Raquel!! :)  It was such a great all around fun fitness/dance workout.

Kathleen Y.

I'm officially obsessed with this place. The classes are AMAZING and I want to try them all. So far, I've been to about 4 Pound classes and have not been disappointed. I also checked out the Groove3 class last night and learned some great new moves. The instructors are so friendly and happy and positive. It's definitely my kind of place. I leave having broken a huge sweat and feeling super empowered. I'm going to bring as many people as I can to experience this studio. It's just a fun and safe place to be. Plus if you have any frustrations that you need to let out, the Pound classes are a GREAT way to let out aggression!

Carolyn L.

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