Sydney Benner is in the business of making people feel happy from the inside out. She is a dancer, yogi, runner, hiker, and most importantly, a teacher. Named as one of the best LA Barre Instructors on, she proudly teaches 15 Flight, Barre and Yoga classes a week all over Los Angeles.

In 2014, Sydney created her own technique called Flight (, fusing dance, yoga, cardio and fitness to custom electronic dance music tracks, which takes place in dance clubs with a live DJ! Clips of her DVD have launched on the BeFit channel.

Sydney can be seen as a yoga instructor on and was featured on the Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules DVD series and the Yogafit Indo Board Yoga DVD.

Sydney is also the founder of, a health and fitness blog featuring inspirational workouts along with healthy recipes and fashion tips. In May of 2014, Sydney launched Yoga/Dance Fusion on Lionsgate’s BeFit channel together with And get ready for more to come!

Sydney appeared in her own Fitness and Lifestyle show for sharing her favorite exercises, recipes and more.

Sydney has her BA in Dance from California State University Long Beach and has a multitude of fitness certifications from Barre, to RYT and more.

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