A native Californian, Tricia is so stranger to sweat and hard work. Due to her being the only girl growing up, she developed the tenacity to keep up with them in playing sports outside in the street. Even though she was deeply into her ballet studies, she decided to take a break and try her hand at softball. That’s when she realized she had two loves.

Despite being an over active child, Tricia struggled with her weight through her childhood right into adulthood and never seemed to have much luck in keeping the weight off until she moved out to Los Angeles and a friend of hers suggested to join her at a fitness class called Piloxing. Tricia was hooked before the cool down in her first class. One class a week turned into three. She started helping out the Piloxing label by performing in mock classes for news interviews. Two years after training under the creator, Viveca Jensen and Principal of Education, Cortney Gornall, Tricia became a certified Piloxing Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor granted by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. After a few years of teaching group fitness, she decided to add on another trick up her sleeve by earning her Personal Training Certificate through AFAA as well.

Tricia believes that fitness isn’t about stressing over a number on a scale and staring at yourself in the mirror every morning; it’s about loving yourself and what you have to offer the world by taking care of your body. To her, sweating and smiling should always go hand and hand. You should always look for validation by watching yourself push the limit more and more in your work out, not by the number on the floor between your feet.

Tricia currently resides in Los Angeles where she is an Elite Piloxing Instructor for the Piloxing Headquarters as a substitute and for Total Women Gym + Spa at the Studio City and Glendale locations. She is also taking in new clients for personal training sessions.